Your Business Mastermind Group: An Essential Ingredient for Project Success

Your Business Mastermind Group: An Essential Ingredient for Project Success

Given the time and resources you put into a business project, the last thing you want is for any of that effort to go to waste.

A business mastermind group is one way to ensure success for any project – large or small. With a small group of like-minded individuals who come together to help each other out by providing advice, feedback, and support, a small business person is no longer flying solo.

One of the dangers of flying solo is the complete and utter reliance on your own knowledge and motivation. If you miss a crucial landmark because you got distracted the next thing you know you could be flying completely off course. That can mean a lot of wasted time and resources.

With a business mastermind group, you won’t have just yourself to make sure you don’t miss important details or get distracted – you’ll have several other business people. And in turn you’ll be returning the favor.

When beginning a project, a business mastermind group is great for feedback, honest evaluation and expert advice. Although you may think you already know your market, there can be many unexpected “gotchas” that arise after a project is launched. Wouldn’t you would much rather find out about those surprises through your business mastermind group in the pre-launch phase?

Business mastermind groups are also valuable for the synergy created by the conversations among members. This synergy is what Napoleon Hill, in his timeless book “Think and Grow Rich”, refers to as a “third mind” – a mastermind.

Join a few business people with varied skills and experience into a conversation and the mastermind created by synergy will trigger new ideas for everyone in the group. So if you’ve reached a block with your project, or you simply want to avoid one, share your project ideas and issues with your business mastermind group.

Without a small business mastermind group, you will probably find yourself working away on your project alone; once in a business mastermind group you have access to various opinions and viewpoints from business people with a range of knowledge and experience. You’ll have other business people who will alert you to oversights, provide a quick restart if you’ve reached a block and give you feedback on your project in the pre-launch phase.

People reading this will be wondering if it’s a good idea to participate in a mastermind group. Don’t be shy…tell us why you think small business owners can benefit from a mastermind group…

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