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Connie Regan Green 150x150Affiliate Marketing: Recommending What You Love

with Connie Ragen Green  official-nams-instructor

As a new online marketer in 2006, Connie Ragen Green had no products of her own. That’s when she discovered affiliate marketing, a business model she refers to as ‘recommending what you love‘. She has written a bestselling book on this topic, and speaks at live events and workshops across the United States to share this information with others.

Connie believes that anyone can create a successful online business and has many students who have now built their own online empires. Author of more than seventeen hundred articles, dozens of eBooks and short reports, as well as three paperbacks and six books on Kindle, she teaches by the principle of learning, implementing, and course correcting on a daily basis.

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Bob-Jenkins 150x150Finish What You Start!

with Bob Jenkins  official-nams-instructor

How to shift your mindset and create your MAP to more success, fun, and profit.

Bob The Teacher will reveal

  • What’s really at stake when you leave so many projects unfinished
  • How successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs think differently about their decisions
  • An amazing (and free!) software tool you can start using right away to get more done in less time
  • How you can create your own Monetized Action Plan to make more money in your business, help more people, and have more fun in your business in the next 6 months than you have in the last 2 years.



David-Perdew FOEBuild a REAL Business: Instead of Focusing on Short-Term Revenue…Create Long-Term Streams of Passive Income

with David Perdew  official-nams-instructor

Why are people excited about creating a business online? It’s the dream of passive income streams that keep paying you forever, right?

Build passive income streams and you don’t have to work all that hard – unless you want to.

Too many online marketers think they’re creating a great online business…but what they’ve really done is step into a demanding daily job that requires constant attention.

Why? Because they didn’t know how to turn their dream into reality!

That’s what we’re going to talk about at the Business Success Cafe.

In just 20 minutes you’ll learn how you can create multiple streams of passive income – that pay you FOREVER!

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Kathleen-Gage 150x150Power Up for Profits

with Kathleen Gage  official-nams-instructor

The business playing field has been leveled for any woman (or man)  who yearns to reach their market in a big way, gain massive visibility and leave a lasting legacy through the power of the Internet.

However, it takes more than just being on the Internet. You absolutely must know how to leverage your time, money and resources to get the greatest return on investment.

One person who knows the power of leveraging your efforts is Kathleen Gage, global online marketing strategist, speaker and author. In Power Up for Profits Kathleen will pull back the curtain on exactly what you need to do to leapfrog your online efforts to get the greatest result possible.

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Janis-Pettit150x150Webinar Sales Success Secrets

with Janis Pettit   official-nams-instructor

Did you know that there are 3 huge business problems that keep online business owners from making enough money?

Do you know how webinars, done properly, can eliminate those 3 problems?

In this 20 minute education, with webinar results expert Janis Pettit you will learn:

  • Why webinars work
  • The key to dramatically increasing your webinar registrations
  • How to increase the sales that result from your webinar attendees
  • A taste of the simple 7 step system that can double your income with webinars

And Janis’ top tips for selling successfully with webinars!

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Kristen-Eckstein 150x150Top 10 Ways to Market Your Business Book

with Kristen Eckstein   official-nams-instructor

Want to learn the top 10 ways to market your business book…both online and off? Even if you don’t have a business book written yet, these strategies will give you a head start on marketing your expertise.

Join us and discover:

  • How exactly to create blog content in less than 5 minutes
  • Why running your own Facebook Group is essential to your marketing success
  • Why good old-fashioned book signings are not dead, and how to use them to achieve “rockstar” status in your niche
  • The best value-add bonus you can give your audience
  • Which marketing method ensures direct, continuous contact with your customers

And much, much more jam-packed into this 20-minute session!

Kristen, The Book Ninja, will share secrets for each method to exponentially increase your sales, credibility, and expand your reach with your expertise and your message!

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Regina-Smola 150x150Protect Your Business Assets with Strong Password Management

PLUS! Which Plugins Will Really Help You Secure Your WordPress Site

with Regina Smola  official-nams-instructor

As a small-business owner, it is essential you protect your assets including your website and online accounts. If these are improperly maintained, your business and reputation may be at risk and vulnerable to malicious hackers out there who would enjoy nothing more than to take advantage of your unsecured website, social media, and other important information.

Regina Smola is going to talk about the importance of strong passwords and how to manage them. Plus, she’s going to share which WordPress plugins every webmaster should have to protect their WordPress blog.

You’ll discover

  • How to find out how strong your password really is, and what secure password to use instead.
  • A tool to securely manage and share your passwords with your team easily through multiple platforms, including mobile devices.
  • Six plugins every WordPress user should install and maintain to help protect your business site.

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Note:  The Business Success Cafe Events Usually Take Place on Thursdays.
There will not be a Business Success Cafe Event This Week (Enjoy These Hand-Picked Video Replays!).
The next scheduled “Cafe” event is Thursday July 10 at 10 am US Pacific (1pm Eastern)

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