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Cathy Demers

Host of the Business Success Cafe

For the next few days I am in Atlanta at the NAMS conference…and very excited to be here! There are 30 instructors ready to teach the students (almost 300 of them) who are flying in from around the globe to soak up the latest information and hone their Internet marketing skills.

I’ve been a member for 4 months and the content inside the membership site was enough to motivate me to get on a plane (two of them actually) and meet the man, David Perdew, who put it all together.

David Perdew and I had a terrific chat yesterday and it inspired me to do something I’ve never done before.

So…the day before the conference started I tucked myself away in my hotel room, knuckled down over my keyboard and put something very special together just for you.

If you are not at NAMS in Atlanta then you’ll miss out on the excitement and terrific education.  But I don’t want you to pass up the opportunity to explore what a MYNAMS membership can do for I decided to stir up some excitement myself!

MYNAMS might be just what you are looking for and if this special “combo” offer encourages you to go check it out for yourself…then that’s a good thing in my books.



Only 50 Available & Time-Limited!

You must take action before

Noon US Pacific / 3pm US Eastern Time on Sunday February 12, 2012


Option 1

Become a monthly MyNams member (current price with coupon code MYNAMS85 is only $14.99 per month) before the deadline and..

You will receive 20 (Twenty!)  Business Success Cafe video replays. In each 20 minute video replay I interview an expert who shares vital information you need to grow your business. Titles and descriptions of the replays you will receive  are below.

PLUS you’ll receive access to the replays of all upcoming Business Success Cafe events. You’ll never miss another Cafe replay again.

And…you will have unlimited access to all these Business Success Cafe replays for as long as you remain a MYNAMS member.

Option 2

Become an annual MyNams member (current price with coupon code MYNAMS85 is only $149.99 per year ) before the deadline and..

You will receive everything in Option 1


I’ll personally send you the home study course “Magnetic Goals for Small Business Owners” a $197.00 value…yours absolutely free! For a complete description of this awesome course CLICK HERE.

What You Need to Do Now

In order to receive your bonuses for either Option 1 or Option 2 you must:

– Take action before the deadline – Noon  US Pacific Time (3 pm Eastern) on Sunday February 12 , 2012

– Enroll using my unique affiliate link by CLICKING HERE  (NAMS is the Niche Affiliate Marketing System so it’s probably not a surprise that I will make a small affiliate commission from each registration via that link)

– Use the coupon code: MYNAMS85 to receive the lowest possible price

– Email your NAMS receipt, as proof of purchase, to us no later than Feb 19, 2012. On Feb 19 you  will receive a link to access your bonuses. Please send your receipt to Support(at)   (you’ll need to replace (at) with @ )

To Your Internet Marketing Success…Your Prosperity is My Passion!

Cathy Demers

Here Are The Bonus 20 Business Success Cafe Video Replays

You’ll Get with the NAMS/CAFE Combo Offer!



with Michele Blood



Be A Magnet To Success and Learn How to Release Negative Blocks

Here in this world we are always striving to have an increase of life and success but sometimes nothing we do no matter how hard we work seems to help. Why is this?

It is because of either not knowing how to work correctly or because of negative blocks or paradigms.

We must learn how to release negative blocks and find out what true success is and how to cross every terror barrier that comes our way. Michele Bloods powerful presentation will assist you in learning how to do just this and so much more.

We all aim to be in harmony, happy and successful in our careers, finances, relationships and we can be. Success means happiness in all areas of our life and then our own light will be a positive ripple effect for our community, business and world.”

with Christy Whitman



Feminine Empowerment for Women in Business

What jeopardizes the success of most women that they are not even aware of?

What needs to shift so that women can create the ultimate success they desire?

Christy Whitman discusses the reasons most women achieve success, but still feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled, and more importantly how to shift out of this space.

You will want to watch this replay so that you can instantly create a shift that will result in more success and abundance in all areas of your life.

with Michele PW

Copywriting Strategies – Unplugged!

Join us as Michele PW, Your $Ka-Ching!$ Marketing Strategist, critiques an actual online copy from an entrepreneur just like you and shares her secrets on how you can make your websites and sales letters go Ka-Ching!

This is for you if you want to see how copy can bring you more leads, clients, customers and sales.

No theory — this is all practical and based on what’s working NOW — not what used to work or what “should” work.

Join us to get the latest and greatest on getting BIG results with your online copy.

with Stephen Beck



Using Online Presentations To Get More Leads and More Sales!

If you can create a PowerPoint presentation (or find someone who can), then you can make a six-figure income!

Stephen Beck has made an extraordinary living on the Internet by using nothing more than PowerPoint and a few online tools. And he wants to show you how to do EXACTLY what he does and how he does it!

Here are just a few secrets Stephen will be revealing….

    • How to craft an online presentation that makes you look like a million bucks AND gets people to take out their wallets to buy more of your products and services
    • Stephen’s 7-step SECRET Formula for creating high-value multi-media products in less than 8 hours!
    • How you can instantly double your sales conversions …just by using this unique type of PowerPoint presentation
    • The secret ingredient to getting Big Players in your niche to promote your PowerPoint presentation for maximum sales and growing a huge subscriber list overnight!
    • How you can entertain and educate your customers while making a great living following your passion!

with Angelique Rewers



Boost Your Income by Landing Lucrative Corporate Clients

Are you tired of chasing after clients who would love to hire you, but just can’t afford it? How would you like to learn to sell your services to clients who are not only ready, willing and able to hire you — but who are also willing to pay you top dollar?

Every year, corporations spend over $2 trillion dollars buying services and products from other companies. And now, more than ever before, these corporations are actively seeking out opportunities to work with small business owners. In fact, just in 2011, powerhouses like Wal-Mart, Chevron and Macy’s launched major programs to buy even more from small companies.

In this week’s Business Success Café, you will learn from Angelique Rewers, The Corporate Agent, who will show you how tapping into this lucrative market is not only within your reach, it’s also a lot easier than you probably think.

When you tune in, you’ll learn:

• 5 sure-fire signs that working with corporate clients just might be the fast track to revenue you’ve been searching for

• The answer to the top 3 most-asked questions entrepreneurs have about working with corporations

• 3 strategies to shorten your path to profits in the corporate marketplace

• The No. 1 most effective, yet oh-so simple way to land big clients according to 97% of women biz owners who’ve done it

• A priceless “insider” sales secret that’s often overlooked… even by seasoned pros

• Plus, you’ll also discover how to immediately apply this interesting information in your business in order to create a lasting transformation.

with Bonnie Bruderer



Live Your Vision – How to Create a Powerful VisionBoard

The Live Your Vision Program will teach you 7 Simple Steps to out the Law Of Attraction Into Action.

Bonnie is going to teach you how to create a powerful vision board, that works, and how to close the gap from where you are in your life, to where you want to be.

with Joshua Zerkel



The 3 Biggest Productivity Myths

Getting organized and boosting productivity is essential to the success of your business. But there are definitely right – and wrong – ways to go about doing it.

Join productivity expert and Certified Professional Organizer Joshua Zerkel of Custom Living as he shares the three biggest productivity pitfalls – and how to avoid them.

with Karen Clark


Fabulous Facebook Business Pages…Attract – Engage – Enroll!

Millions of people are on Facebook on a daily basis and your business can have a powerful presence there, too!

In this lively session you’ll learn how to make your Facebook Business Page one of your most effective and efficient marketing tools for reaching new people to grow your business.

You’ll Discover:

  • How to know what to post to increase conversations and reach new people
  • How to send people from your personal Facebook to your Business Page on Facebook
  • The three daily tasks to perform on Facebook each day – in about 15 minutes
  • How to interact on Facebook using your business name

with Shannon Cherry



Stop Leaving Money on the Table!!

You know the old saying, “The definition of crazy is doing things the same way and expecting different results.” If you’re not making all the money you want in your business, then something needs to change.

Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert Shannon Cherry has some ingenious ways of getting a powerful presence that let’s your prospects engage and want to work with you.

In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to:

    • Explode your visibility both online and offline with just one single marketing method
    • How to interact with your prospects to make them your best customers and cheerleaders
    • How to find sponsorships that can underwrite anything you are doing while boosting your credibility
    • And much more!

with Cathy Demers



How to Get the Power of a Mastermind Group Working for You!

In his timeless classic “Think & Grow Rich” Napoleon Hill stated “Analyze the record of any person who has accumulated great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated modest fortunes, and you will find that they have employed the Master Mind principle.”

The incredible synergy and invaluable accountability you will receive when you join a mastermind group is the key that will unlock the potential hidden away inside your small business.

In this special presentation you will learn:

  • Why 83% of successful business owners report that being in a mastermind group is a critical key to business success and why you need this strategy working for you.
  • What a mastermind group is and what it isn’t
  • How to find your perfect mastermind group (without even looking)
  • The Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for a Mastermind Group

with Crystal Thies



Maximizing LinkedIn for B2C: Being an Expert to Your Network!

We always hear about how great LinkedIn is for B2B companies…but what if you’re B2C?

Is it worth your time? What strategies will work best?

Crystal Thies will reveal how you can be seen as the expert in your network so that when they need your products and services, they think of YOU first!

She’ll also explain how you can utilize the LinkedIn tools to highlight your products and services in a non-threatening, inviting, way.

Although focused on B2C companies, you will find these strategies are just as valuable for B2B too!

with Kenneth Lord



Monetizing Your Passion: 6 Steps to Achieving Anything You’ve Always Wanted!

Are you looking to…

  • Identify your purpose
  • Reach your full potential
  • Make money doing what you love
  • Make the difference you were put on this planet to make
  • Experience fulfillment in your life
  • Wake up excited EVERY day!

If yes, join us as Kenneth teaches you his secrets for how to monetize your passion so that thesegoals become not only tangible…but inevitable! Over the last two decades Kenneth has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses alike, find that quantum leap that only comes from knowing and living in that purpose.

Kenneth has cracked the code on how to find the purpose of others and monetize it in as little as a few days. He is going to peel back the curtain and reveal secrets to help you identify and monetize your purpose to get you to the next level and finally identify what you came here to do! Make a difference in the world in a few simple steps.

with Stacy Karacostas



Make Your Website Work for You: What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know to Get a Business-Building, Money-Making Site

The best Websites are like virtual salespeople…They attract new visitors, grow your list, make sales and much more. Most importantly, they grab the right prospect’s attention and convince them to take action – whether that’s signing up, registering, calling you or busting out their credit card right then!

But, you can’t just put up any old site and expect it to start growing your business. And you can’t just hand the reins over to a designer, developer or VA and expect to get stellar results. Instead YOU have to know what your site needs to do, be and say to meet your visitors’ goals – and your business needs.

Thankfully, this isn’t hard once you know the basics. In this fun, totally non-technical session, Stacy explains what you “the entrepreneur” really needs to know to turn your Website into a money-making machine.

On this Webinar discover:

  • Five things you MUST know before you build your site or hire someone to do it for you-otherwise you’re wasting time and money!
  • What customers truly want to know about you, your business, and your products on the Web
  • How prospects view your Website, and how to use that knowledge to create a more compelling site
  • A simple way to decide how to organize your site that you can use right away to make it WAY more effective

with Cindy Schulson



Three Steps to Master Your Niche

Do you ever feel like a bird flapping your wings, unable to take flight? One of the biggest things that keeps solo professionals stuck is that they lack CLARITY and FOCUS about their niche.

Do you really know…

  • WHO you are marketing to?
  • WHAT solution you provide?
  • WHY they should buy from you?

If you don’t know all three pieces of the puzzle, can you really attract your ideal clients and stand out from the crowd? Chances are you’ll end up like many soloprofessionals – spinning your wheels, doing lots of busy work, and not earning enough money.

The good news is there is no reason to stay stuck. There is no magic bullet but there are some powerful yet simple strategic changes you can make that will truly transform your business.

Cindy Schulson is going to share exactly what those changes are, and show you 3 steps you must take to master your niche and make your marketing much easier.

with Kathleen Aston



Entrepreneurial Self-Sabotage: Identifying the Enemy Within

When it comes to the health of your business, most often the biggest threat to your survival isn’t the competition, it’s you. And, you probably don’t even know it.

So, ask yourself these few questions:

  • Do you struggle to make confident decisions and take decisive action?
  • Do you find yourself running your business from a point of constant chaos?
  • Do you procrastinate on completing important initiatives?
  • Do you constantly compare yourself to others?
  • Do you feel nothing is ever good enough to present?
  • Do you know what you need to do, but can’t seem to take the steps?

If so, your business is under siege and your finances and reputation are under attack. You’re being held hostage by the invisible enemy within—self-sabotage.

Listen to Kathleen Aston and discover:

  • The Roots of Self-Sabotage
  • The 4 Key Areas of Entrepreneurial Self-Sabotage
  • 3 Top Tips To Gaining Clarity and Overcoming Chronic Procrastination
  • The Financial, Business, and Personal Cost of Self-Sabotage
  • A Glimpse of a Business-Life FREE from the Enemy Within

with Alicia D. Cramer C.Ht.



Master Your Mindset for Increased Revenue!

Simple Techniques to Break Through the Glass Ceiling on Your Income by Developing your Prosperity Muscle

You are going to love Alicia’s proven techniques for rapid transformation. What kind of transformation? Your revenue, self-confidence, motivation, self-discipline and even your creativity…and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Business Mindset Master and Certified Hypnotherapist Alicia D. Cramer C.Ht. will give you tips to begin shifting your mindset immediately to product rapid ROI in these areas:

  • Unexpected Income
  • New Clients
  • Major Shifts in Mood, Energy, Attitude, and more…

If you want big changes in your business and your life…don’t miss this!

with Andrea Feinberg



How To Work Less and Produce More – Lots More!

A recent survey of 3, 000 small business owners revealed that 91% fear they’ll never have a well run enterprise that will let them walk away and enjoy their life.

Do you have enough time to get what you need done to do to grow your business – and take some needed and well-deserved time off?

Or…do you put off stepping away from your business even for a short period of time thinking “the place might fall apart if I’m out of touch for more than a weekend” or “I’ll be a nervous wreck from worrying that my employees wouldn’t have a clue how to handle things that might come up”?

The dual fears of maintaining control and needing to build sales is one of the reasons small business owners stay chained to a desk that won’t let them enjoy even a few relaxing days away.

In just 20 minutes Andrea Feinberg is going to reveal

  • The #1 belief preventing you from enjoying the freedom you crave
  • Proof that your business runs better when you don’t have your hand in everything
  • 3 solid business truths no one ever addresses
  • The missing link that creates a good life and accelerates your sales

with Caterina Rando



How to Become a Sought After Speaker and Make Your Business THRIVE!

Would you like to walk out of your house in the morning, go to a place where you know no one and come home with clients in the afternoon? If so this info. packed session is for you.

You will learn:

  • All the reasons why public speaking is the best business building strategy
  • How to get started to position yourself as a speaker and get booked
  • What to do before during and after your presentation to come home with clients

When you apply what Caterina teaches you in this session your business will THRIVE!

with Neil Godin



How to Sell…Without Selling!

Neil Godin, a.k.a. “The Turnaround Guy®” specializes in helping small to mid-size companies in crisis to recover and come back strong. Using creative marketing and sales approaches he typically helps these companies double or triple their sales – usually in a matter of weeks – even though they have little cash or credit.

Neil will show you how to use these creative approaches to ramp up your sales – without the rejection and stress of old fashioned selling. You will learn how to:

  • Position yourself as “the expert” in your field or market – and get qualified customers coming to you!
  • Grow your business “organically,” without the toxic stress of old fashioned selling, or the costly fertilizer of advertising that doesn’t work
  • Hold events – online and on land – that attract new customers to you
  • Ask for introductions to highly qualified new prospective customers
  • Make more sales – with less selling!

If you’re looking for ways to get unstuck – to get off that plateau – to get your business going and growing – you won’t want to miss Neil’s presentation!

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