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 Each of these business-building experts has joined with Cathy Demers to provide you free expert advice, strategies and tips you need.

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Bob-Jenkins 150x150chef hat-smallFinish What You Start! with Bob Jenkins

How to shift your mindset and create your MAP to more success, fun, and profit.

Bob The Teacher will reveal

  • What’s really at stake when you leave so many projects unfinished
  • How successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs think differently about their decisions
  • An amazing (and free!) software tool you can start using right away to get more done in less time
  • How you can create your own Monetized Action Plan to make more money in your business, help more people, and have more fun in your business in the next 6 months than you have in the last 2 years.

Connie Regan Green 150x150Affiliate Marketing: Recommending What You Love with Connie Ragen Green

As a new online marketer in 2006, Connie Ragen Green had no pboroducts of her own. That’s when she discovered affiliate marketing, a business model she refers to as ‘recommending what you love‘. She has written a bestselling book on this topic, and speaks at live events and workshops across the United States to share this information with others.

Connie believes that anyone can create a successful online business and has many students who have now built their own online empires. Author of more than seventeen hundred articles, dozens of eBooks and short reports, as well as three paperbacks and six books on Kindle, she teaches by the principle of learning, implementing, and course correcting on a daily basis.

Nancy-JuettenSay “Bye-Bye” to Bio Cringe and “Hello” to Bio Pride and New Business Opportunity Now with Nancy Juetten

Nancy will guide you through a five-step system that you can apply immediately to prepare winning stories about your expertise. Whether you want to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media interviews, this system works every time!

You’ll learn some of the most common bio mis-steps to avoid so you can pave your path to prosperity faster.

And once your new story is ready, you’ll be inspired to share it with the right people so you can grow your influence, impact, and income now!

Whether you need to attract new clients, invite media attention for your winning ways, or all of the above, you’ll learn essential steps you can take, starting today, to get ready to welcome and initiate more of the right kinds of opportunities to grow your influence, impact, and your income.

Don’t miss this timely opportunity to learn how to build YOUR buzz and invite the opportunities to share your message with the world.

Laura Rubinstein 150x1505 Simple Ways to Get More Social Media Buzz, Traffic and Profits with Laura Rubinstein

Social Media numbers continue to rise and being able to stand out from the crowd and attract visitors who engage on your website is the key to profiting online.

Remember the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” Well…“it takes a tribe to thrive online.”

If you don’t have a tribe buzzing for you, you’ll be missing out on getting the targeted leads coming to you online. You must become a person of influence.

In this FREE training you will discover:

  • How to harness the power of tribe marketing
  • How to increase your Klout and become a person of influence
  • The 5 step method to organically creating a buzz around your business, brand product, and/or service
  • How to get targeted traffic to your website that converts into clients
  • Simple tools to powerfully get the buzz going about you.

Marc-Beneteau 150x150Monetizing Your Website: WordPress Membership Sites with Marc Beneteau

Not so long ago, the technology to collect money for your online training or information product (what we call a Membership Site) was expensive and complicated.

As a result, the decision to add a membership system to your website was a big one: would it be worth the time and expense?   But this is not true anymore – particularly if you have a WordPress website.

Marc Beneteau, Founder and CEO of WP Academy, will show you (in 20 minutes) everything you need to know to setup a profitable membership system on your existing WordPress website, at a cost of under $100 (or even for free).

We’ll cover:

  • The difference between a membership site and a shopping cart – and which one is better
  • Membership models (one-time or recurring, fee or free)
  • The best payment gateway for membership sites (hint:  think “free”)


Marc is going to setup a sample membership site, while you watch over his shoulder!  He’ll even  run a test transaction, so you’ll see what it looks like from the buyer’s point of view!

Once you master the powerful new technologies that will be demonstrated in this session, you’ll wonder why you didn’t set up an automated system for people to pay you for your good work sooner!

Note:  There will not be a Business Success Cafe Event on November 28. The next event is Thursday Dec 5 at 10 am US Pacific (1pm Eastern)

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