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What if You Could:

  • Build a List of Qualified Prospects in Record Time

  • Gain Massive Visibility and Credibility

  • Create a Huge Tribe of Dedicated Followers Who Really Want to Hear From You

  • Become the “Go To” Person in Your Target Market

  • Have Tons of Content You Can Re-Purpose and Use Over and Over Again

  • Have All That Great Content Created FOR You

  • Develop Partnerships with Experts Who Have Huge Access to Your Market

  • …and MAKE MONEY from Multiple Sources While You Do It!!


Would You Do It?


If It Was Simple…Inexpensive…and Fast…




I’ve tried a lot of different marketing strategies techniques to build my prospect list, my reputation, and my bank account.

So many it made my head spin!

I tried blogging, article writing, advertising on Google and Bing, social media and networking. I participated in telesummits and I’ve been interviewed over 50 times.

These all are good strategies, and they worked to varying degrees, but nothing seemed to give me everything I was looking for…and it was all such hard work.

Then, a couple years ago, I tried something a little off the wall…and it WORKED! It was like I finally found the pot of gold!

Not only does little-known system work…it works faster than anything else I had tried before…and it cost very little to implement.

Once I had the initial system in place, I tweaked and tuned it (yep – stubbed my toes a few times)…NOW it runs like a well-oiled machine!

In a single week, by re-purposing recorded interviews, I added over

1,000 names and email addresses my targeted prospect list!.

I want to teach YOU exactly how I did it!

“I jumped on this…now I have my own series up and running…in less than 30 days!!”

When I heard about Cathy’s program, I jumped on it right away and I’m so glad I did!

In less than 30 days, I launched a new expert interview series, thanks to Cathy’s excellent instructions and her step-by-step process.

One of the things that I found of great value in the training was all the tools and the behind the scenes tips that she gave that would really help me as a host to be more organized and save a lot of time. That was very important to me.

Whether you are a novice, or someone who’s a little more seasoned, Cathy’s program will really take you by the hand and show you step-by-step how you can create your own expert interview series and use it to build your list and your profits.

I highly recommend this program!

Listen to what Lynne Klippel has to say:

Lynne Klippel, Host of the AuthorSalon.TV and Book Publisher

There’s Nobody Better to Learn This From!

Growing your list, making money, and having fun because you have a system in place that can allow you to do this from a beach, or wherever you are in the world, sounds pretty appealing to me!

There’s probably NOBODY better in the world to learn this from than Cathy!

Listen to Joel here:

Joel Sanders, CEO,

I Can Finally Implement My Ideas – and It’s Easy and Affordable!

Cathy created the steps for me that allowed me to take all my creative energy and put it into a system that was manageable and affordable!

I have a creative mind and a lot of good ideas. But putting them into a system that works, that I can implement and take from the beginning to the end, was something that I wasn’t able to put together by myself.

Cathy created a system and a way to…make my vision a reality!

Listen to more of what Terry has to say:

Terry Loving, - Internet and Social Media Marketing

People keep asking me “How did you do it?” and “Can *I* do it?”…YES YOU CAN! I want to teach you exactly how to…

Make Money With an Ongoing Expert Interview Series!


I am going to take by the hand and teach you, step-by-step, exactly how to:


  • Design & Plan Your Speaker Series

  • Define Your Audience (your hungry target market)

  • Research & Develop Your Interview Topics

  • Define the Best Format For You (duration & frequency)

  • Determine Which Systems & Tools You’ll Need (not many!)

  • Monetization Models & How to Implement Them (put cash in your jeans)

  • Marketing Strategies & Tactics That WORK

  • Where to Find Experts to Interview and…Have Them Say “YES!”

“There’s incredible opportunity just waiting for you…and Now YOU can tap into it!”

I’ve built a list of over 160,000 subscribers…and most of that came from expert interviews.

There is an incredible world of potential waiting for you – and now YOU are going to be able to tap into it! It’s easy because Cathy is giving you the “instruction manual” – the recipe for success!

It’s phenomenal!

Ric Thompson has more to say! Listen here:

Ric Thompson, Founder and

“I Jumped On It Immediately!”

This was an idea I have had before…but I didn’t know how to go about it doing it.

I didn’t know how to ask people to be interviewed, the resources I would need, how to systematize it…or how to make money from it.

I’ve learned the different ways I can make money from an interview series is…just amazing!

Carol has more to say…you can hear it here:

Carol Pilkington, Mentor/Trainer of metaphysics and Astrological Counselor

Enroll TODAY and Get IMMEDIATE Access To:


The Entire Make Money with an Ongoing Expert Interview Series Program


  • Three (3) Education-Packed Sessions! In each part of the program you’ll get:
    • Video Replays of an actual workshop, including Q&As, will make this material come alive for you…but YOU can watch it whenever you want!
    • You’ll receive detailed worksheets and materials loaded with the information, tips and templates you need.
    • Unannounced Exclusive Bonus Training with Ric Thompson “How to Get the Biggest and Best Results from Your Ongoing Expert Interview Series”  This exclusive 90-minute training is going to help you understand how to get help, what to get help with…and where to go!
    • …and you will be able to apply what you learn – right away!

You Can Have Your Expert Speaker Series Underway and Generating Results Right Away!


Plus You’ll Get These Fantastic Bonuses!!


  • A 90 Day Free Trial Membership (yes…a full 90 days!) in…
    Business Success Gold Group Coaching (Value 3 months x $197 per month = $591.00)

    • Two LIVE 90 minute group coaching calls each month (recording provided) with small business growth expert Cathy Demers
    • Ask any questions about building your business – and get answers specific to your unique situation
    • Learn from your peers as they ask questions that may not even have occurred to
    • Stay focused on your priorities and build forward momentum using peer accountability
    • …and move forward at lightening speed!


  • An Annual Access Pass to the
    Business Success Cafe Video Vault (Value = $57.00)

This means you will have unlimited access to the 20 minute education-packed video replays from the Business Success Cafe Expert Speaker Series.

You’ll get 20 video replays from past events, all the video replays from this month…and for all future events.

What a great way to learn how to monetize your own Expert Speaker Series…by seeing a successful one in action!


“It’s An Awesome Investment…Absolutely Awesome!”

Having someone shortcut the process for me is so valuable – I avoided a steep learning curve!

I learned how monetize my series of interviews…and I found a strategy that not only resonates with me, that I’ll have fun doing…but also provides a lot of value to my people and makes me money as well.

I loved all of it!

Hear more of Vicky’s insights here:

Vicky White,

About Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers

Founder of the Business Success Cafe

Business Strategist & Success Coach


Cathy Demers is the host of the popular weekly expert interview series: The Business Success Cafe…the Perfect Coffee Break for Small Business Owners.

With well over 100 interviews of global business experts under her belt, and a system for delivering top-notch weekly education that is running like a well-oiled machine, Cathy is an expert on how to create an ongoing expert interview series that creates impressive results.

Winner of the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award (Western Canada), she has amassed over 25 years in business development.

After several years with Microsoft and IBM, Cathy took a tiny $10K investment, co-founded her own small business, and quickly grew it into a company worth over $20 million! That company was successfully listed as a stock exchange traded company while Cathy served as President and CEO.

Cathy has presented keynotes and courses for organizations worldwide including the Women Presidents Organization, BC Ministry of Small Business, Wired Women, Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems, the BC Technology Industry Association and the National Research Council of Canada.

An expert Business Strategist and Success Coach, Cathy combines the wisdom that comes from her vast business experience with her unique talent for helping business owners clients get clear, stay focused, take action…and get fantastic results!


  • YES! I want immediate access to the “Make Money from an Ongoing Expert Interview Series” Program!

    I want I to learn from Cathy Demers how to implement this fantastic strategy in my business – so I can start seeing great results right away.
  • I UNDERSTAND every business, and every business owner, is unique so my results may vary from those discussed or demonstrated during this program.
  • I UNDERSTAND that this program comes with Cathy Demers’ personal money back guarantee as described below.
  • I UNDERSTAND that by placing my order today:
    • I will get immediate access to the complete program and all materials (Value = $497)
    • PLUS I’ll receive a Business Success Cafe Annual Access Pass (Value = $57)
    • PLUS I’ll receive a 90 Day Free Trial Membership in Business Success Gold Group Coaching (Value = 3 x $197). After the 90 days I’ll be charged only $97 per month (a 50% savings) and I can cancel my Gold Group Coaching Membership at any time.

Total Value = $1,145.00!

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“I am confident you are going to be delighted with what you learn in this unique program. But…I am biased. Why don’t YOU decide for yourself? Go through the program and if YOU decide it’s not worth every single penny you invested – just ask me for your money back within 30 days of your first payment – and you will get it.

No hassles. No headaches. You have NOTHING to lose.”


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