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Tuesday January 5


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with Cathy Demers
Award-Winning Entreprenuer
Business Strategist & Success Coach

Are you frustrated because working harder is not translating into financial freedom (or the freedom from working so hard)?

Do you feel like you’re running your business with “one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake” – exchanging time for fees – and you know you are not realizing it’s true potential (or yours)?

Do you worry it will always be this way?

If you are a small business owner who offers services of any kind…

You simply MUST incorporate passive income streams into your business…or you will be stuck in the “trading hours for dollars” trap – forever!

In This Very Special Deep Dive Training with Award-Winning Entrepreneur and Business Success Coach, Cathy Demers, You Will:

Learn how to transfer YOUR existing expertise and skills into passive income products so…you can finally earn more WITHOUT having to work more

Identify which passive income models will work best for YOU and YOUR business (there are a lot to choose from)

Design your unique strategic plan so that you can add passive income streams to your business NOW – and without fear your existing business will stall while you are doing it

Understand the “bits and pieces” you’ll need to create your passive income streams – and how to prioritize them (so you stay out of overwhelm and get the best results)

Have what you need to finally re-position your business so it’s no longer just another J.O.B. with a nice boss (you) – but a valuable ASSET that continues to generate more and more revenue – even while you work less and less!


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About Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers is the Host of the popular weekly expert interview series: The Business Success Cafe…the Perfect Coffee Break for Small Business Owners.

When it comes to proven business success, Cathy Demers is not a “wanna be”. In fact, she co-founded a company with a tiny $10K investment and turned it into a company worth over 20 million dollars!

Winner of the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award (Western Canada), Cathy has amassed over 25 years in business development from Microsoft, IBM, and she co-founded her own global company. That company grew so quickly it was successfully listed as a stock exchange traded company while Cathy served as President and CEO.

Known for her direct, but friendly and supportive, style as well as her business savvy and her “let’s get ‘er done” approach, Cathy helps business owners get clear…stay focused…take inspired action…and get fantastic results!



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