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with Linda Claire Puig

Linda Claire Puig is a newsletter marketing expert and founder of Ready2Go Articles, Ready2Go Ezines, and Ready2Go Brochures, which provide independent, service-based professionals with high-quality, professionally written, done-for-you content to grow their businesses.

She’s also the creator of the 6-Figure Newsletter Secrets Virtual Intensive, which teaches her exclusive newsletter and email communications system.

An award-winning journalist and writer, Linda’s articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters throughout the world for the last 30 years.

She has produced newsletters for associations, small businesses and solo-professionals since 1990 and has trained thousands of individuals in “the way of the newsletter.” Linda is on a mission for entrepreneurs to “fall in love” with the newsletter and use this key marketing tool to create a successful business that supports their dream life.

On a personal level, Linda is also an actor, she loves to travel, and all manner of dogs catch her eye. She recently returned home to northern California after living her dream and working abroad with her business in Italy for over 5 months.

The 7 Deadly Subject Line Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

If your readers don’t open your emails, they won’t act on the content inside.

They won’t sign up for your services, won’t buy your products, and won’t register for your programs. Your time and energy goes to waste, and your business suffers.

On the other hand, powerful, HOT subject lines compel your readers to open, read and more readily act on what’s inside. You attract more attention, and your business grows.

Bottom line: your subject lines can make the difference between struggling to get clients and thriving in a 6-figure business that allows you to serve and influence thousands, and to live the life you want for yourself.

In this powerful training with newsletter and email marketing expert Linda Claire Puig you will discover:

  • How to double the profits from your list with hot subject lines.
  • The 7 biggest subject line mistakes sabotaging your open rates and how to correct them so that you get a huge response every time you send an email.

with Cathy Demers

Cathy Demers is the host of the weekly education series, The Business Success Cafe, and a sought-after coach to small business owners who want practical solutions to business-building problems…solutions that bring results.

After completing a university degree in economics, she went on to amass a combined 20 years in business development from Microsoft, IBM, and as co-founder of The Electric Mail Company Inc. This company was successfully listed as a stock exchange traded company while Cathy served as President and CEO – no small feat indeed!

Cathy has won the Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Award (Western Canada), the Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under 40 Award (for which she has slight regret she no longer qualifies), and has twice been nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Stop Chasing Success…Use Magnetic Goals – the Secret to Having Success Find You!

Are you tired of setting business goals…only to come up short time and time again?

Do you avoid setting goals altogether?

What you need is way to set goals that actually works!

Cathy Demers is going to show you how to create Magnetic Goals – goals that literally draw results TO YOU!

Easy, practical, remarkably simple and incredibly powerful…Magnetic Goals is the secret to adding rocket fuel to everything you do. You will wonder why no one ever told you about this before.

Spend just 20 minutes with Cathy and you will never look at goal setting the same way again…because this time you will get results…big ones!***

with Lou Bortone

Lou Bortone is an Online Branding Expert and Video Marketing Strategist who helps entrepreneurs and small business owners build breakthrough brands on the Internet, so they can have more visibility, credibility and profitability.

Lou has over 25 years experience as a marketing executive in the TV and entertainment industries. He’s worked for E! Entertainment Television and was Senior VP of Marketing & Advertising for Fox Family Worldwide, a division of Fox in Los Angeles. He is also an author and ghostwriter of six business books, a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach.


Video Marketing Rules: Quick Tips for Online Video Success

If you think creating videos to promote and market your business is too much work, then you need to hear what video marketing pro Lou Bortone has to say!

Lou’s going to reveal some quick tips and tricks to make your video marketing efforts payoff.

Join us to discover how to make marketing with video not only easy, but profitable!

with Jack Zufelt

Awarded the Presidential Medal of Merit by a President of the United States, and honored by the United States Senate, Jack Zufelt is one of the most successful speakers and trainers in the world.

If that’s not enough to convince you to join us… PBS aired a special on Jack and his concepts that was sent via satellite to 127 countries and his #1 best selling book, “The DNA of Success” is now available in 15 languages. Jack has achieved “celebrity” status as a speaker and trainer because of the results he gets and his message is being heralded as a “breakthrough” and a “wake up call”.

The DNA of Success
A Prescription for Success that NEVER fails!

SA = (CD +D) X PA + P is a formula for Success that ALWAYS works. Every highly successful person has used it to achieve that success and did not know it!

In fact, YOU have too! Everything you have achieved in your life is as a result of this formula. Imagine being able to apply a full proof formula that is under your control! You can, with laser focus, apply this prescription to insure and accelerate your success in any area of life that matters to you!

This super simple, easy to understand and apply formula for success will cause you to be able to soar as high as you want….and fast!

Example…If you want to double your business it will give you the ability to make it happen. Want more time for your family, or to just play? Done! This formula will cause you to get whatever you want! It NEVER fails!

with Bob Jenkins

Bob The Teacher is the creator of the Mindmap My Business coaching program, and the author of Take Action! Revise Later. Bob’s mission is to empower coaches and consultants with the strategies and skills to start impacting more people with less effort.

A former high school history teacher, Bob is a master at breaking down the key strategies and technologies of online marketing into simple action steps you can easily implement into your business.

With a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University, Bob also understands the pressures and possibilities high-achieving business owners face in today’s economic climate.

Since 2006, Bob has taught over 30,000 business owners how to attract more clients and increase their cash flow with online marketing through his tips, strategies, coaching programs, live events, and courses. And he’s ready to show you today how to finally finish what you start!

Finish What You Start!

How to shift your mindset and create your MAP to more success, fun, and profit.

Bob The Teacher will reveal

  • What’s really at stake when you leave so many projects unfinished
  • How successful coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs think differently about their decisions
  • An amazing (and free!) software tool you can start using right away to get more done in less time
  • How you can create your own Monetized Action Plan to make more money in your business, help more people, and have more fun in your business in the next 6 months than you have in the last 2 years.

Cathy Demers

A Message From Your Host…

What is the Business Success Cafe?

It’s a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe. We come together via a telephone conference (with an optional webcast) to learn first-hand from a wide variety of business growth experts.

These global experts, hand-selected for their specific expertise, are going to share with you and your peers important information and priceless tips you need to ensure your business success.

If you’ve been thinking “I need to spend more time learning how to grow my business but I can’t seem to fit it into my day” then this is the perfect solution for YOU.

The Business Success Cafe is where success-minded small business owners just like you gather to take a break from their hectic day, and all the problems du jour, to learn from business growth experts in a relaxed virtual environment.

Most importantly you don’t need to carve an hour or more out of your busy schedule…each event is JUST 20 minutes! Attend from anywhere! While you do need to bring your own coffee…there is no driving, no parking, no hassles…and no tipping the barista. Just some of the topics discussed at the Business Success Cafe:

  • Say “NO” and Attract More Clients Online
  • Measure What You Treasure: Train Your Brain and Get More of What You Want in Just Two Minutes a Day
  • If You Chase Two Rabbits…You’ll Catch Neither One: Staying Focused on Your Priorities
  • Want More Money in Your Jeans? How to Shift Your Focus from Income to the Bottom Line…Profit!
  • Entrepreneurial Isolation Sickness – Remedies for Those Who Work Alone
  • …new topics are added weekly! Attend as many as you like.

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