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 with Therese Skelly 

Known as the “Money Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst, Therese Skelly works with service based entrepreneurs who know that their business is part of their life purpose. She shows them how to clear money blocks so they can learn how to own their value, make more money, serve more people and have a business that makes them happy.

Having walked the entrepreneurial journey for many years, Therese has created a way to teach her clients how to get their gifts in the world, so they can make the huge difference they desire to.

A former psychotherapist, combined with years of marketing/strategy and consulting, Therese offer’s the perfect blend of both “inner game” work and very tactical, real world strategies that allow her clients to see the results they desire.


July 9


Mindset Secrets to Charging What You Are Worth…and Creating the Success You Desire

All top performers know that what makes the biggest difference is their mindset.  And…

Your business is no exception!

You can have the right steps, employ great strategy, have the plan to follow, but if your mindset isn’t in alignment, you will tend to push success away.

Join this call where Mindset Mentor Therese Skelly will show you:

  • That mindset is the #1 thing that you must master in order to create that even more successful business.
  • How owning your value is directly correlated to the amount of money you earn.
  • Signs that you are unconsciously sabotaging your business.
  • Top mindset tools that can help you shift your thinking and be more effective and productive.


 with Karen Clark 

An early adopter of social media for business, Karen Clark has been practicing smart and effective Internet Marketing strategies since 1998.

Karen is the co-author of 2 books, Incredible Business and Direct Selling Power, and has been featured in national industry magazines and podcasts.

With 17 years’ experience building an online presence, Karen teaches from a place of being in the trenches with you – she’s always trying something new and perfecting the tried and true. One thing that permeates all her training is the concept that social media marketing is about connecting people, not collecting people.

July 16

Facebook Marketing…That Works!

If you are a small business owner you may have come to realize that Facebook marketing is not something that can be ignored any longer.

Whether you have a consumer product or service or are more of a B2B business, the people you want to meet are using Facebook on a daily basis.

But what is the most effective AND efficient way to use Facebook?

How can a small business promote itself in a way that increases the bottom line while also building brand loyalty and solid relationships?

In this information-rich 20 minutes you will learn:

  • The differences between Facebook Profiles, Groups, Pages and Events and when to use each one for business.
  • When and what to post that will compel your readers to engage with you
  • How to maximize your exposure in Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, even on a shoestring budget

Karen Clark has helped 1000s of small business entrepreneurs build their Facebook presence and she is going to show you how to immediately adjust what you’re doing on Facebook so you can start getting results too!


josh-turner 200x217

 with Josh Turner

Josh Turner is the founder of Linked Selling, a B2B marketing firm specializing in fully outsourced LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.

They represent clients (like Neil Patel and Microsoft, to name a couple) in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, and Australia, in a wide variety of industries. Josh’s company also operates, an online training program for LinkedIn marketing.
He is considered one of the leading experts in the world when it comes to growing your business using LinkedIn.


July 23

The LinkedIn Mistakes You’re Making That Are Costing You Clients

The cat’s out of the bag, and it’s no longer a secret…

YOU can find new clients using LinkedIn.

And you can do it with what you already have in place.

But you’ll be dead in your tracks if you’re making one of the 3 mistakes that Josh Turner is going to show you how to correct on our upcoming Business Success Cafe.

Luckily, fixing these 3 things is simple and straightforward.  But very few people have the inside scoop and access to what Josh is going to uncover for you.

Come spend 20 minutes with us and…learn how to finally put LinkedIn to work for you and your business!


shawn-duperon 180x231

 with Shawne Duperon

Six-time EMMY® Award winning media coach, Shawne Duperon, has taught thousands how to communicate as leaders in business.
You have seen her featured in major media including, CNN, ABC, “Inc. Magazine,” and “USA Today” to name a few.

Her personal passion is forgiveness. Her movement on global forgiveness was created through a film called Project: Forgive, now a flourishing non-profit foundation.

This PhD candidate in gossip (yes, gossip!) used gossip theory to make the film’s five-minute video go viral, which now reaches millions in social media and even captured an endorsement from Archbishop Desmond and support from Kristen Bell of Frozen.

July 30


Social Media Mastery: Growing Your Word of Mouth

Every single time you post on Facebook, send a tweet or answer a question on LinkedIn you are branding your business.

Are your social media strategies increasing engagement and growing your client base? Or are you just getting by with a boring presence and hope no one notices your social media engagement is not that great?

This non-techie presentation gets to the root of creating long-term on-going relationships in social media that have your business flourish and grow.

This presentation is all about mastering:

  • Social media strategies that kick start consumer engagement
  • How to authentically get retweeted on Twitter without begging or being weird
  • Finding the gold in organic Facebook relationship building, rather than buying ads (money pit)
  • #Hashtag techniques most businesses wish they knew
  • How to take authentic risks in social media and forgive yourself if it’s not perfect♥
  • The top 3 writing tips (like using contractions) that cause followers to pay attention to your content on social media platforms

Six Time EMMY winner Shawne Duperon has built a social media following of millions. She’s going to share through her own trial and error, what works, what doesn’t and where to take authentic social media risks to increase engagement.

Cathy Demers

A Message From Your Host…

What is the Business Success Cafe?

It’s a weekly gathering of small business owners from around the globe. We come together via a telephone conference (with an optional webcast) to learn first-hand from a wide variety of business growth experts.

These global experts, hand-selected for their specific expertise, are going to share with you and your peers important information and priceless tips you need to ensure your business success.If you’ve been thinking “I need to spend more time learning how to grow my business but I can’t seem to fit it into my day” then this is the perfect solution for YOU!

The Business Success Cafe is where success-minded small business owners just like you gather to take a break from their hectic day, and all the problems du jour, to learn from business growth experts in a relaxed virtual environment.

Most importantly you don’t need to carve an hour or more out of your busy schedule…each event is JUST 20 minutes!

Attend from anywhere! While you do need to bring your own coffee…there is no driving, no parking, no hassles…and no tipping the barista. Just some of the topics discussed at the Business Success Cafe:

  • Say “NO” and Attract More Clients Online
  • Measure What You Treasure: Train Your Brain and Get More of What You Want in Just Two Minutes a Day
  • If You Chase Two Rabbits…You’ll Catch Neither One: Staying Focused on Your Priorities
  • Want More Money in Your Jeans? How to Shift Your Focus from Income to the Bottom Line…Profit!
  • Entrepreneurial Isolation Sickness – Remedies for Those Who Work Alone
  • …new topics are added weekly! Attend as many as you like.

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